Custom Made Buffet Pads

  • - Direct sunlight can fade a table's finish over time.
  • - Everyday objects from silverware, keys, pencils, etc. can scratch a table's finish.
  • - Table pads provide sound absorption, to decrease noise when used during dinner parties.
  • - Pads can be used under any table decor for holidays or special occasions, sight unseen.
  • - Though not a hot mat, a table pad can provide protection against heat sources.
  • - A table pad can guarantee their table will continue to look like the day they purchased it when used on a regular basis.

Table Pad Storage Bag

  • - To provide convenient storage for your customer's table pad set, when not in use Ohio Table Pad offers a 28" x 42" storage bag. The bag is constructed of black vinyl with a non-woven backing and styled very similar to that of our leaf storage bag.
  • - A product that sells can sell itself when a customer is ordering their table pad set, many want somewhere to keep their pad sets.

Vinyl Leaf Storage Bags

  • - Our exclusive table leaf storage bag keeps table leaves well protected when not in us with your customer's table.
  • - Available in Vinyl 18" or 24" widths Oversize bags: 18" x 60" and 24" x 60"
  • - These bags are designed to fit any table leaf up to 48" long and will completely enclose one 5" apron leaf.

Flannel Leaf Storage Bag

Flannel Leaf Storage Bag

Card Table Xtender

  • - Increases seating to six for dinner, or up to eight for a card game.
  • - Two side straps with closures allow secure attachment to card table legs with either side facing up.
  • - Order the upholstery grade, padded leather-grain vinyl top with a woven polyester underside.
  • - The polyester underside finish will elegantly protect the table surface from scratches.
  • - Clean vinyl top with damp cloth.
  • - 3 year warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • - Folds in half for easy storage and transportation.

Protex Soft Table Padding

  • - Protex table padding is sound-absorbing for quiet dining and gives a tablecloth a gentle, flowing drape. The soft felt backing is safer than foam backed products and suitable for all furniture finishes.
  • - Many stores sell with billiard table cover pad to use for buffet dining parties. This products also would be good covering for restaurant tables.
  • - Customer can easily cut to fit to their specific needs, use on a dining table, end tables, cut pieces to use on top of dressers, as drawer liners, etc.
  • - Comes in four convenient sizes: 54" x 72 ", 54" x 90", 54" x 108" and 54" x 120"
  • - Use damp cloth to wipe clean.
  • - This product is also a great promotional tool to use with sale of table pad set, especially during holidays.

Sew EZ Board

  • - The Sew E-Z Board is manufactured with the same heat resistant materials and double layer of interior board quality, as used in our custom table pad construction to assure years of continued use.
  • - A portable and versatile padded work surface for a variety of projects including: Sewing, Knitting, Quilting, Steaming
  • - Has a screen-printed measured grid which allows projects to be complete from any direction. Available in two sizes: Samll (27" x 21") and Large (33" x 51")

Billiard Table Pad Cover

  • - Since every billiard table cover is custom made to fit your customer's particular billiard table, we ask that you provide us with a corner pattern of their billiard table.
  • - Each table cover is made with a padded leather-grain vinyl top and our top quality DV is used on the underside.
  • - Billiard table covers are made in three sections with 2 folds and 5 insert supports.
  • - The standard insert measures 38" long by 1-1/2 inches high and is made from polyethylene foam, washable, colorfast and lightweight.
  • - Individual pieces are joined together by our patented interlok system, fully hidden and will not scratch or mar the billiard table surface.
  • - A full 1/2" of protection, 3 year warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • - Folds for easy storage.

If you interest in buying any of this products, please contact us